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Mmmmm, selling bits of my soul....

Craft fair today. First one I've ever done. And while I don't exactly pour my heart and soul into every piece I do, there was more than a little concern on my part - what if I didn't sell a thing? I mean, they're bookmarks and snowflakes and they're *cheap*, but that doesnt' mean anyone wants the things. You know I would have taken it *so* personally, even though self-validation really should not ride on whether someone wants a little thread doily or not.

Fortunately my self has been suitably validated. 'Course, I had our CDs on the table too and didn't sell a one of those (except to a co-worker who just bought it a day earlier than he meant to) but that's OK. It's a jazz town, a blues town, not so much a half-heard British Isles folk on a crappy little CD player town, you know? And I was okay with that (they were only out at all because I discovered a stash in my desk. Heh.) Actually, it just made me more comfortable hearing it in the background - which, incidentaly, is the only way I can listen to myself on those things. Just loud enough to know what song it is, not so much that I could actually *hear* anything. Whew! Talked to a lot of people about what I do, had a couple people ask if I'd give lessons here at work, sold enough to buy more string for another batch. Whoo-freakin'-Hoo!!!

'S good to be the Kitty :D

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