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I'm tired of waiting for this blurb to become a full- fledged story. I have a story half done, but it's supposed to follow this bit. therefore... Here's some world/episode notes that will be Something eventually. Imagine that these are script notes for a cartoon. the dependant story will start to follow soon. No, really, it will.

Anieka proves her worth to the team. About to embark on a training mission, Ryan insists that Anieka be allowed to come aboard the delta flier. Dr. Jansen, forgetting Ryan's sparc, refuses and proceeds to browbeat the team into going against their better judgement.

On the mission, a dud missile slips through Brent's defense and collides with the ship. Deemed " incidental damage" the crew heads for home. But the guidance computer has been knocked off line. Pietro must fly blind with Ryan's help. Kat and Brent are helpless on computer = ''Sorry. Babe. I go in from the front when they're fully functional." Base- to- ship Contact is lost. But not before Anie gets a message through for the slip to circle the base.

Anieka has a back door to every computer on base- including the Delta Flier. Using the radio towers on base to broadcast signal at the resonating frequency of the flyer. She diagnoses the problem and relays which wires shook loose. A ten second problem that Causes a half hour of drama. Anie is implanted and cleared for addition to the team when Jansen finally puts 2 and 2 together. ''It's safer than keeping her on base-- my poor Coffee maker! "
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