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I have the strangest conversations with myself on my walk to work. well, monoversations I guess. since it's not really an exchange of ideas. The voices in my head don't Seem to have their own opinion on things, thankfully.

Today was the pondering of good and evil. what would qualify a person as pure good or pure evil. Would pure evil sacrifice itself for the sake of harming others? I wasnt thinking sacrificed life on either end; thats a step above and beyond where I was thinking. I also didn't deal With those who do evil in the belief that they do good. Martyrs and fanatics are just more than I can handle first thing in the morning (is it even possible to do good in the name of evil? I suppose, yes.) But on the basic geek scale of good v. evil I would finally have to agree with a friend of mine: chaotic good is the top of the charts, while chaotic evil still holds the other end. Anything for love, anything for pain. Too much thinking before noon.

Anieka grumbled as she rummaged Through the refridgerator. from behind the door Kat grinned, taking a sip d his morning coffee before poking the 'sleeping dragon'. "hey Anie, what's up? "

More grumbling. "we're out of cream cheese." Tihe fridge door slammed shut as Anieka retreated to the sanctity of her computers once more.

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