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I can't help it. For all I say I don't need the typical trappings of modern beliefs, the truth is that some physical symbols *do* mean something to me if only because they exist in my personal world. It hurts me -physically - that I'm the one who's getting his engagement ring fixed. He says his finger still feels naked without it, but I guess not naked enough that he can get off his-- but I'm the one who talked to *his* friend the silversmith, who emails for directions and information. It's just a ring, a piece of jewelry, a lump of silver that's worth maybe $5, probably not even. I'm not supposed to have sentimental value for a *thing*. Poor thing. I know nothign about jewelry repair; I assume this thing can be fixed. It had to be cut off his finger, so it's got a nice sharp bend in it along with being cut open, but it's petty clean. It just pisses me off that something I gave him is treated so carelessly when it's not like we give each other stuff like this all the time. It's not just some dumb ring. Grrrr.

Done venting. The ring is out of sight, I get to simmer down for now. Just seeth along underground for now. Men... :*

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