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Sigh. Saw Hidalgo today. Now, I mostly wanted to see Vigo again. Those other girls can keep their blonde elf, I'll take rugged and dark any day. Turned out to be a fan-f__ ing-tastic movie. I don't generally like any Western type movies_ too straight forward, no glamor, no mystery, one guy with too much testosterone. and cheap abuse of native mysticism. This one had honest character development, surprises, characters you were curious about, and mysticism that wasn't too overdone. And a really cool horse! It was so enjoyable I actually want to find out more about this guy, see how much was Hollywood, and how much was him. I suspect now that most of what happened in the desert, barring a couple natural phenomenon and an incident at a well, were added as ''what-if". Don't care, still rocked. Want the DVD to see what get cut. Good stuff.

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