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Synopsis of insanity (or:laughing makes the hurting stop)

this is gonna hurt you more than it hurts me...

...So I told Steve that he wasn't allowed to decide if he was a bad writer or not, that this was something other people would have to decide for themselves when they read his stuff. Let's face it, we're often our own worst critics. I then proceeded to realize I was one heck of a hipocrite, since this is the main reason I've hidden or not finished writings of my own. therefore, as an act of Solidarity with Steve the Self-denigrating I am pledging to put up a page of Delta writing a day. I know it's not quite the same thing; Delta is just a random Wierdness with no redeeming social value that *I* can see. But that's what I got. I make no guarantees as to linear story telling. The page-a-day technique is to make sure you write *something*, to help you get past writer's block. Later editing will turn it (hopefully) into something useful. Putting it up anywhere other eyes will see it is to combat the 'I suck' screen I hide behind. For now, this will all be pre-edit. You have been warned. Nyah.

I'm gonna go hide now...

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