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This is -- not quite what I wanted, but for different reasons than usual. It's not that I hate my writing, but it *IS* very rushed. The actual "page of writing" I did last night turned out to be a story I- Let's just say it's not the sort of thing I want in my LJ.

And in case you ever were curious, writings of an intimate nature, fictional or otherwise, should ideally not be read while eating hotdogs. *Blush*

On to that Delta thing...
"Milord! Master Brent!" Hands shaking him. "I pray, waken!"
"Aa! What...? " Sweat dripping in his eyes, sheets tangled, pinning his arm, his legs. Breathing harsh through a dry mouth.
"A nightmare milord. You did thrash and shout, but I saw naught but you asleep. What fearsome demons haunt you so?" Brent didn't answer, hurling the covers nearly off the bed. He flung himself at the chair that held his clothes and into a pair of pants. " My lord! Tis the middle of the night, where do you go?"
" Out." throwing on a shirt to flap unfastened around his chest "Walking ." The door slammed against the wall as he threw it open and stalked out.

"Ryan. I have a really bad feeling about this. "
"Brent. Stop it. We've had 2 gloriously uneventful weeks. I know -" Ryan paused to kiss the hand of a passing noblewoman. "I know you want out of here but we have less than 24 hours. I don't need you forcasting doom out of that warped little mind of yours." Taking a moment from the necessary niceties of diplomacy Ryan gave Brent his full attention, taking in the dark anger smoldering in his eyes. "Please. Just for tonight, try to have a little fun."

A stir from the far side of the hall caught their attention. A true Vision entered from the great doors that stood open; graceful dark coffee skin in a gown of crystal and palest blue. Ryan raised an eyebrow as he realized he knew the woman inside the dress.

"When did Ania become a girl?"

As if from thin air Kat materialized beside them. "That, my good commander, is the one main reason why our dear lady hasn't been scratching at the walls." The look in Kat's eyes wavered between startled admiration for his teammate and a strange glare for the man at her side. "Apparently the good Lord Tyrel took pity on her. It’s all the talk among the help." Even Brent picked up the undertones of anger and he looked questioningly at Kat, who pretended not to notice.

Ryan chuckled. "We should probably thank him for distracting her. Too bad he’s been such a jerk in the treaty negotiations, I could almost like him for what he’s done here." The three Delta men could only look in varying degrees of wonder at the woman they all worked with but hadn’t really seen until now.
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