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Rael notes


Tyrel needs to be shown in his opposition to the treaty. Give Ryan a reason to react strongly.

So just what does Raelan fashion look like? 15th-16th century but hot weather. Prob'ly Italian Ren ish (yech)

finalize how the red powder works. It interferes more directly with Delta implants. what do the implants do besides communication? Good question. The powder also allows easier Mind manipulation- conductivity. Don't know if this is known to Tyrel or if it's a happy accident. Prob'ly #1. more in character.

SPARC- like powers. they're not blindingly obvious, but they haven't really been dealt with past the first mention. Tyrel uses them out of the blue. Does that matter? plan for now is to deal in postscript, or ''next episode"

Really do need to figure out just what the implants do, if anything, beyond com. More important, does the team know / suspect they do, right or wrong.

In the grand scheme of things, Brent's "nightmare" might be too obvious in how it's handed. He's supposed to look crazy still.
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