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And so it begins...

It occurs to me that consistancy is a good thing. So here are basic personality sketches of our five heroes. Physical descrips are still being hashed out; they keep looking too much like the Voltron-lion characters for my own peace of mind. Questions? Comments? Insane laughter?

Yes, there is some world background info missing that would explain a few things. Suffice to say for now that ESP/esper/psyionic ability is recognised and tested for, exploited, but still not understood. I need to find a different name for it than "psy ability". Meh.

Character shorts.

Ryan – Commander of Delta Squadron Strike Force. Outspoken, very sure everything he does is right. Cocky, but not stupid. Han Solo with leadership abilities.
Psy ability – strong intuition for probability paths. Lesser talents in many other areas. Leadership may partially lie here.

Brent – 2nd in command; tactical/weapons. Fairly quiet, mistaken as sullen, prone to temper tantrums. Great pride in his combat skills, he doesn’t glory in death or killing. Very focused, except when he isn’t.
Psy ability – sharpshooter and reaction speed. Rogue talent – precognition visions. Unpredictability of visions can cause anger due to inability to act.

Anieka – Computer and systems analyst/navigation. Requisite “affirmative action” female. Usually treated as ‘one of the boys’ and occasionally resentful of that. Holds her own in a fight but avoids hand-to-hand contact. Prefers dark broody types, i.e. Brent.
Psy ability – Very low; originally not considered for team because of this. Has some natural empathy and a talent for making people not see her.

‘ Kat’ (Lukasz Katarzyna) – information and infiltration. Troublemaker, practical joker. Often in trouble, usually caught when it's not job-related. Somewhat the coward in battle, but more than compensates by preventing the need for combat – usually by blowing the other guy up first.
Psy ability – disguise, personality submersion, near-total recall (pictoral more than audial)

Pietro – Pilot/mechanic. Quiet, good-natured, more openly concerned about his teammates, particularly Anieka. Hates fighting, so is exceptionally good at it, specializing in hand-to-hand.
Psy ability – mechanical affinity. Translates to piloting and combat through intuitive understanding of leverage and vectors.
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