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Rael: the battle begins

Short one. there's a transition scene missing I think and I need to explain in the opening that the Delta biolinks haven't been working in Rael.

''Ania! Come on, your biofeed's working; I know you're in there. Answer me, damn it!"

"Nngh...Too early..."

"Hah! There you are!" The relief in Kat's voice was inches thick. The cotton in her head made it very difficult for her to think why he should be worried. Or what was going on at all.

Ania cracked her eyes open just enough do see sunlight - and grass. "...the heck?"

Pietro's voice on the 'link. "short version: Tyrel kidnapped you last night to make the Commander duel him for you and the Treaty." Ania blinked slowly, trying to grasp the concept behind the words. Like a mission tape, images spun through her head - the dance, the gentle kiss. The voice that led her to soft darkness. In the background of the biolink she could hear Kat swearing. "What -"

"Hang on." The link cut abruptly, leaving Ania to wonder at the static she noticed once it was gone. Now that her brain was finally starting to process she realized the 'link shouldn't have worked at all. Shouting caught her physical ears from behind her and she finally decided her head could let her sit up. She heard the link come back on as she took in the surroundings.

"There's something in the ritual gunk they use here that messes with our biolinks. Something more, too, but we don't know what." Kat was babbling, but Ania took it in, watching Brent scrub at Ryan's face.

"How are we even talking?"

She could hear the grin. "Pietro's a genius. The ship's main com system runs at a different frequency than the biolinks. He found a way to patch the systems together. We can only talk to one of you at a time, and it's cranked so high in here we'll have to replace a few things when we get home." She heard Pietro mutter something sharply in the background. "But it's what we got."
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