June 18th, 2003

fluffy evil!

I must be mad

... My best friend and soul-sib will be pleased. Somewhere between too much Gatcha fanfic and series of wierd sleep patterns, I re-found Delta. I can't write. Don't know why I even try, I learned years ago I can't complete a thought. I will do this. I need to tweak the 2 parts that already exist; change a name, take out the RPG references to an idea that never *quite* happened. I can't do this. The third part is nearly done, scribbled before a D&D game last night and the train this morn.

This is wierd -- I'm actually physically trembling with the effort of holding this story in check. And it will *never* look as good on paper as it does in my heart. I can't do this, but I have to. One word at a time. I wish someone could film what I see in my head, it's a fine anime. I just don't know how the words will show.

There are three clear pictures that this story has conjured in me. Fortunately, I *do* know someone who is quite the artist. Busy as sin, but I may be able to buy her time for a price I can afford. Bright Lady help me, this is gonna get done whether I will it or not, no matter how awful, so I guess I better just buckle in for the ride.

...And now that it's here, I'm sure I will not be allowed to forget. Probably a good thing. Bring it on, Meat!
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