June 20th, 2003

fluffy evil!

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Hee! The encouragement for my writing is tre awesome! Although on the way home last night I had 2 more ideas (and I haven't even finished this one!) and another on the walk to the train this morning. Yoiks...at least I sketched notes so I wouldn't forget. I'm trying to find the balance between my traditional angsty bits and the more humerous side Delta was originally supposed to have. A crayon box with *so* many shades, yummy! Maybe I'll see if I can solicit a few "episodes" from friends. *that* would be fun!

And while I'm still thinking about it, but I'm thinking the psi-stuff may become 'sparcs'. "Scientificly proven ability rarely (mumblesomethingorother)". Got the name before the explanation, could you tell? When asked for cheese... But the jury's still out. I got time.

Whee!! Writing is fun! (Man, what was *IN* that coffee?!)