March 17th, 2004

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I had the oddest moment in the car this past weekend. I was in the back while hubby and friend were chatting about travels - we want to be England-bound come September so hubby can show me the world doesn't end at the 'beeg blue vater' (cookie points for figuring out what animated story I stole that from). The friend talked of a trip he and the family had made to Yellowstone. Odd point started here. While they were talking about the great southwest, particularly the giant crack in the earth known as Grand Canyon, I flashed on a past life where I'd actually *been* to the Grand Canyon. Standing on the edge, staring down into vast colored depths. Of course, what makes it odd is that this "past life" was actually about 1995 or so. Road trip with a couple Rennie friends to Arizona Faire. I've seen the Rockies, albeit froma distance, I've seen the desert, I've seen the canyon. I don't remember any of it except a few snapshots in my brain that could have been pictures I'd seen in a book for all the feeling of Being There they give me. It's a little disconcerting to know that my inability to grasp the passage of time extends to remembering stuff like that. It really was like another life. I am my own alternate universe. Meh.
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