February 3rd, 2005

fluffy evil!

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I sometimes wonder if I should chronicle the songs that randomly play in my head. Like I always have somethign start up as I'm getting through the morning routine, then of course the walk to the train usually generates something if I'm not listening to my Player. Usually as I leave work, and walking to the bus/train home is usually sing-under-your-breath-and-confuse-the-normals time. So far this afternoon has been a random shot of "I love being a girl" which quickly morphed (because I don't, actually) into "I'm getting nothin' for Christmas". Eh? Whatever... If anyone understands me, please let me know because I could use a few pointers on the care and feeding of Me. Thank you.

Oh, and my garlic clove is cheerily sprouting under the pointsettia. Smells like onion!
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