August 10th, 2008


In Memorium

This should be more eloquent , but I've never been comfortable or good at dressing up the finalities of life.  Plus, I try to get past the pain and into acceptance as fast as possible. I'm good at it, as unfotunate a skill as it may be. To that end...

Spare a moment, if you would, in memory of Marta the Cranky.  Companion and witch's familiar to me and annoyer of all others for 15 years just about to the day, Marta passed away on Tuesday, August 6th.   In typical fashion, she waited 'til I had just opened a new bag of food, purchased new litter, and was out of town for a week before deciding enough was enough.  Goofy cat.  She will be missed.  If you would find a sunbeam to bask in for a moment in her memory, perhaps napping there for a few minutes, I would be honored.  Thank you.