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the new VP came by to talk to me. Me, specifically. I'm a little unnerved by it, especially since he made mention that I was, apparently, 'fought' over by the people I'd applied to. my now old boss was apparently loathe to let me go. Which is fine, but this was after I'd pretty well told her I really needed to go do something more interesting.

So anyway, the VeeP had a rather serious little chat with me about where he wanted the department to go and all this stuff. Very cool, but like I said, a little creepy. I think its just that I am not at all used to people actually paying attention to my existence. I'm not sure. I like it. Hopefully I'll just get used to it. Or they'll let me go invisible again, but that gets you fired/Iet go these days. * sigh * Guess I'll have to deal. Heh.

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