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Waves of darkness, crushing the breath from your very Mind, from the Soul. I fade into the darkness, wondering if this time I will fall to the Void that has beckoned me for what seems eternity. If I fall here. I may save some and doom others that I call friend. If I live I may kill us all with no saving grace to balance my heavy conscience. The gods - *someone* - take pity on me. I can't even be sure I have a soul to offer them and none worth the bargain. I almost pray the Void keep me and save me from the truth of what my life may cause.

Search and seize what you want. Even the smallest thing can make life worth while again. Or at least less painful. The right chair for the right job. Next- a mouse table.

The thing about Bristol is ... I'm a cat, I need to touch and claim what I know and own. At Bristol I can hug and hold and assure myself of the solid reality of what I care about. Even if all I care about is copping a feel ;D The rest of life, that could get me arrested. I miss touching. I'd like to hug people at work. They need it, too.

I have a bit of a crush on my manager. Good thing it's one of those cute little school girl ones with the no-touch clause. It's okay, I usually work better for people I give a care about. It's not like I dress different to catch his attention, I don't bring him home-made cookies or anything (yet *snicker*). Maybe it's not a real crush. Maybe I just feel he needs a hug.

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