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Ugh. What is it about Tuesday mornings that just make me want to chuck it? This one's worse than most, probably as I'm still recovering from a weekend camping trip that involved packing a smaller SUV than we're used to with 2 times the crap that we're used to. Most of which was a pavilion/tent making it's maiden voyage into the great outdoors, soon to be christened be a gazillion earwigs, two wolf spiders and berry-filled birdie poop (sounds like the intro to a really bad joke). I love my honey, but when it comes to packing I could cheerfully throw him in a blender with some vodka and have myself a refreshign drink to look forward to. I'm slowly (finally!) learning when to ignore him, when to walk away, and when to just nod and say "yes dear". Men out there, I feel your pain. Fortunatly, although the trip to Peoria sucked monkeytoes due to construction and accidents (caused by people pissed off at the construction), the weekend itself was rather fun. I completed some qualification paperwork I needed for the SCA (one test and they trust me to guard the safety of fighters and observers alike. HAH!), had some fun fencing, fought the king and won - once. And strangely enough packing to return home, while not sompletely smooth, was remarkably low frustration. Maybe because we were both wiped from two nights of low sleep. I don't mind belly-dancers too much, but dear LORD would the drummers either shut up or get a new riff?! Gah! 2 f-ing hosebag in the morning...

So my catching up on sleep led to sweet dreamlessness Sunday eve, and totally messed in the head dream last night that I remember enough of to be disturbed. Mostly because I can pick out the elements that formed it, which is unusual. A heavy machine trail that ripped through trees along the train tracks became a tornado squall (think X-men II), a story clip about a misread x-ray became a medical mess for me in the dream, and my perenial ability to breathe underwater in dreams made an appearance, as did the trying-to-run-as-if-through-molasses. And why do I remember it in clarity? Because it means nothing. If it were a *useful* dream, I wouldn't remember a thing until it was too late. Grrrrr.... Probably just as well, though, since it involved me getting *caught* in the tornados and dealing with stupid medical personel. Don't need that. But I feel like I'm buried under a dentist's lead apron, and it's just going to make the day harder to live with. Thank god tonight's D&D. I won't sleep any better tonight, but hopefully it'll wire in some more pleasant subject matter for the dream world.
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