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I am so out of it today. I don't know how, but I think I've managed to get about 15 minutes of real work done, between lousy Access queries doing what I want and then "disk is full" and not saving or making my tables. Bastard. What do I give thanks for? Right now I'm giving thanks that my boss is out of the office this week, and no one seems real interested in what I may or may nto be doing. I hope I'm more with it tomorrow; I actually *enjoy* being productive, as it justifies my slack-off time ( at least to myself). Meh. On the (vaguely) plus side, someone else is doing the cooking for Thursday, and she actually enjoys the activity. I'm finally learning to just enjoy what others do that is gifted to me. I make stuff and give it away for no better reason than 'I can'. I should allow others the pleasure that comes with the act of doing something enjoyable and gifting others with it. Twice the fun and happiness from a single act. Cost and labor effective. Joy in the spirit of American capitalism.

Okay, so that assumes that happiness is a commodity. Which it is, really, as proven by the scarcity of true happiness these days. Cheap, foreign happiness is just no substitute for the domestic, grow-your-own-at-home variety. Chia-Happiness!

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