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December is such a non-month. The first week is spent recovering from Thanksgiving, the next week is spent planning parties, the next two weeks *are* the parties, and then there's The Night Before the Day and The Day itself. And of course the week Between, and suddenly its a whole new year! Meh. And of course I don't actually care about the majority of this process, so merely beign surrounded by others who *won't shut up* about it is annoying as anything.

The 24-7 Christmas carols on the radio that started the day after Thanksgiving aren't exactly helping, either. I don't even acknowledge the red and green decorations that have been up in stores since about Labor Day. And America wonders why it's accused of being a hollow materialistic country. Hmmmm... Nope, just don't see it :P

Of course now I'm in the midst of 12th Night gifts. The SCA's winter "holiday" of choice. Not that I mind in concept; it's not laden with material or religious overtones (yes, I know that there are those for whom the real 12th Night is a truly bigger deal than Christmas itself. That's cool, but they don't get a lot of airplay. In fact, I appreciate it for that very reason. But I digress (NO!)) But it does mean I'm busily making trinkets that say "I care about you" but don't quite make it to "I care enough to figure out what you might actually like." When you care enough to give the very adequate. We'll see what gets done. At least it's for people I care about. It's just hard when I care more than I'm willing to do, if that makes any sense ( and it doesn't). Wah, telling myself to shut up now.

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