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beginning of the end...

Company party today, which means little work gets done in the morning. It's also the last day before I'm on a week's holiday, so I *have* to get work done this morning. Ah well. I need to mail packages to parents - one I owe, and one I don't want to owe anything to. Am I a bad child for wanting the guilt trip to be all one sided, and none of it mine? I find myself not caring, which *is* bad, but then I don't care, so it's okay. Ah, circular logic, how I love thee. My PDA seems to be dying a horrid death - the battery is either not holding a charge, or the charge detector is wonky. Either way I have had a 1% charge for three days now, even when the light went full-charge green. It also turns itself on randomly, which is definitely going to cause the battery problems, although it does turn off at the 1 minute of non-use. Still, not good, but nothign a power cord can't deal with. And since Adrian got a new tablet PC for himself, I might not feel so bad about getting me a new PDA with a few more bells and whistles if I can't figure out what's up with this thing. I have a few ideas to try; we'll see. I think the food poisoning is nearly over, thank goodness. My stomach cramps much less severe and often, the headaches are longer between, and the other...issues... are lessening. I should make it past without a trip to the doc after all. Just as glad to have skipped a few other of the potential symptoms - not being able to eat during the holidays would be a very unhappy thing. Should it surprise or other me that the cramps seem to lessen when I'm drinking alcohol? I'm such an idiot, I know this is all my own damn fault.

Got the best gift today. a near half-dozen Deep Forest CDs that I would never have gotten around to getting myself, and Renaissance, a group I haven't heard from in far too long. Mind you, I don't agree with what *they* chose to put on their first compilation album, but there are a couple stunners on here I have really missed. Now I need to find their 'faery' songs - hopefully there's a volume II that can solve that. Mmmm.... Happy Kitty ;D

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