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Starbucks is good coffee - I happen to like my coffee dark and strong, although I know others disagree - but it's probably not the best plan I had to have that and a sugar-filled donut (Duncan Donuts lemon-filled - YUM!) as Friday breakfast. It's been a fan-splatting morning from people being idiots - not me, not my people, but it affects me and mine. It's Friday, people, get clues and lives and *Breathe* before you get stupid! Agh!

I was trying to finish my stupid little love song yesterday - the Adrian special, if you will (or won't, I don't care). There's something wrong with it, I don't know what, but I was messing with word choice a bit, trying to just let things flow into their own path rather than forcing it, and suddenly I have this whole new song in my head. Related in subject, so not totally left-field. Still, I cant' even get one done and I have this other lump of over-insistent wordage attempting to be a song. Meh. It came with a tune, at least, that I know where the base came from - it's similar to a friend's Robin Hood song (a very cool one) but far enough to be 'inspired by' rather than 'stolen from'. Almost three verses, no waiting. Not my type of song, though, don't know if it will ever be more than theoretical. It's this ...strident minor, I guess. You know, that sound that's mournful and yet uplifting, that tears at your heart if it's used right. It's not a style I do best. Actually, I dont' know that it's a style I do at all. Eh. It's going to be left to lie and write itself as it feelsl necessary, which I guess is a good thing. It was screaming to be written yesterday, but it's not screaming to be finished. Nice change :)

Rowan's not here for little prezzys. I'm crossing my fingers, toes, molars, anything I have that it's nothing serious. On the other hand, I have almost finished fighting off whatever I was trying to get - much to the relief of my coworkers, I'm only blowing my nose every couple hours instead of every 5 minutes. My nose is rather happier too.


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