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still sickish. Is this my penance for feeling smug when those around me suffered over the winter? Funny thing, the tightness in my lungs actually started when I had to run for a train a month ago; it never really cleared up before this allergy/cold attack. Related? Causal? Too late now.

Rowan, I saw MegaTokyo today. Whether you're right or wrong about my body mass, I don't think I'll be doing Miho any time soon. Tragically, no diet in the world can counteract bone structure.

(Okay, officially I could lay off everything containing calcium until my bones are so brittle they disintegrate. You'll have to pardon me if I find that to be not-an-option.)

My dreams last night were vivid, memorable, and contained a mixed cast of characters that I cannot hope to comprehend. Aspects of work, Bristol, SCA, many people I've never seen in dreams before, several I expected to see that didn't appear. Alaric McBride was there, for crisakes (does anyone but me even remember him? Front Gate was at the treeline then.) A sense of not finding a place amongst the familiar, being lost, losing the way. Very typical themes for me, but I have yet to determine if I'm feeling things now that need to be combatted or if these are fears to be ignored or simply remembrance with a strange cast. I don't feel a Need to do anythign about it, so I guess that's how we'll play it for now. Strange. Not bad, not wrong, just... Strange.

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