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Ugh. Bristol started. Brain gone. Good weekend, but 7 day workweek... I know, shut up kid, you have a job and you're getting paid to do something you enjoy. Except for the rain just before opening both days and just after closing gate Saturday (God and the Queen say GET OUT!!), it was perfect. Here's hoping it's a harbinger of the season. Must get third CD out if only to shut people up. Ugh.

Reading other people's sewing journals reminds me of projects I want to revisit. A real corset (as opposed to the cardboard/ducttape shored-up monstrosity that eats my hipbones for lunch), a redux of my first ever Elizabethan (it was a cute dress and deserves another round), and more bits for milord. Time to get the pipes out too. Gah.

Don't mind me, I'm just bitching to bitch. My attention is too scattered to even think of writing. I knew this would happen. I was really hoping I'd get something done, but... well, the notes are all written, it'll be there in a couple weeks when hopefully my brain congeals. Patience is a virtue i do not possess much of. Actually, it's not even that, it's more that I don't have enough focus and too much entropy/inertia. This object could use some rest. Huphhh. :/
Tags: angst, random thoughts
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