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This comic is just too good - and smacks right along in my own cynical perceptions of movie good guys. Really, aren't we all demons to someone who disagrees with us?

It amuses the heck out of me to be sweltering in unnecessary humidity while reading a well-writ fiction set in the dead of winter. It confuses my internal sensors as they conflict with the overactive imagination. On the other hand, let me point out that not *once* did *I* carp about the chilly spring in Chicago. Mostly because I knew this was coming down the pike. This will be an unpleasant weekend at best, and I'm - Ooh! internet radio thanks me for a pledge!! Spiff!!! Listen to!!!! - actually hoping that it *does* rain. We need it, and miserable falling wet vs miserable humid wet doesn't really concern me. Kitty hates wet no matter what *snarl*

Gonna be wierd to have the weekend so apart from Adrian. Not that I'll have time to miss, and he'll be plenty busy too, but it'll be so very wierd. I've never evented without him before. Meh :( We're so pathetic.

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