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Waaaaaahh! Life is so *wierd*!!!! My randon access memory has been plagueing me with song snips and stupidity so badly that I had to put on FolkAlley (not a hardship, in itself) just to drown out the cacaphony in my head. Is this what ADD feels like? Feh! When you go from "Little Nash Rambler" to "Little Old Lady from Pasadena", through several iterations of French choruses, then land on some English folk song -- only to be displaced by snips of Michael Jackson songs (thanks SO MUCH Peter *grrr*!!) It's enough to drive a girl mad -- well, madder. On the other hand, the thistle blossom I rescued from the sidewalk yesterday is opening even further. It's even putting out pollen -- purple pollen! -- as it floats like some pretty Dr Frankenstein leftover in this cup on my desk. No idea how long it'll last - wish I could plant it, but there's no leaves. I don't know that thistle can reroot anyway. Perhaps I'm only prolonging its death, but at least its beauty impresses me here and now instead of withering forgotten on the roadside. Although the little buggles that I displaced from it might argue with me - that tiny drowned ant, not so much.

Yep. Internal RAM, scrambled software. Wetware? Definitely soft - squishy brain. Mmmm -- tastes great, less filling :P

Right. Work. Going now...

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