Jesslin She'Nedra (jesslin) wrote,
Jesslin She'Nedra

A skunk, one of the (I think) cuter 'feline' types - you know, a skunk-skunk, as opposed to the flatter spotty types - was wandering the neighborhood this morning. Some woman on her way to work saw the poor thing with a yogurt cup on its head. I came up just as she was leaping away from her daring rescue, understandably unsure of the rescuee's reaction. As she told me the tale (apparently this is the second time) the skunk decided to completely ignore us and lope up to the houses behind me. Gave barely a passing glance to a nearby feline (nonplussed) and trotted out of sight behind a bush. I half expect the darn thing was someone's pet; used to humans, at any rate. Silly thing. Wonder what the neighborhood rabbits think of it.

Weird dreams. too. But the skunk is way more understandable.

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