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I should bitch more often. Yesterday I say the story's gone.... last night I have (*ahem*somewhat risque) dreams, and this morning a 'SPARC' (heh, get it?) of an idea, which neatly ties in with a vignette I already wrote (origins flashbacks are *so* de riguere, but also necessary) that'll at least partially explain the whole SPARC thing as well as the team selection process. *AND* cast a little stereotypical doubt on one of our character's abilities/motivations. Heh, not too bad if I say so myself (and I DO!)

Right, now I just hav to *write* the damn things... :D The things I gotta put up with... oh well, they're sserving up hotdogs as 'employee appreciation' (read "cheap perk, tiny raises"), and I'm certainly musician enough to go eat free food. Then barbecue over the northern border tomorrow, and work-work-work all weekend. Whee!!!

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