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Subtle confusions

I went out to find a 'Nuts on Clark'. I had a craving for chocolate, but mostly just had the munchies. I thought I'd try to get something a little less empty-calorie. They have a crunchy Japanese mix, rice crackers and crunchy peas and wasabi bites. Overpriced, but tasty and just as good as chocolate in a different way. I thought I remembered one of their stores just over the river from me.

The building I thought I'd seen it in is boarded up; I don't know if the store's not there now or never was, so there's no confirmation of my sanity. I decided to walk around a couple blocks, in case I had transferred the image in my mind. The exercise would be good. So I walk, and see a Payless Shoes. I need a new pair of dress shoes; the ones I wear on fancy days are freakin' patent vinyl heels from my high school prom. Yech! I mean, they're in okay shape - or were, I scraped up the heels something aweful at the last wedding I was at - and they actually still look decent. But... I wanted something a little more strappy and pretty. I mean, If I *have* to dress up, I'd like to feel good about it, ya know? And there's just something about knowing these shoes are 15 years old... *shudder* Every now and again I remember I'm a woman, it's wierd. So I go into the store, find a pair of shoes that aren't too bad, closed toes but not pointy, one strap on the ankle. Cute, not quite what I want, but okay. And I look around to see if there's something in a different size that's better, but maybe not out on the shelves where I was looking.

Then I see boots. Now, I've been looking for a nice pointy-heel boot that doesn't have that crotch-killer toe. Knee high, maybe, or at least mid calf. Problem is, I have a sword-fighter's calves - muscular, very solid. One of my few parts I don't mind. But fashion boots are made for sticks with boobs, not a workin' girls legs. And usually pointy as heck, I'd be afraid I'd kick myself and take out my own ankle. But here's this *one* pair of boots just sittin' there. Looks good, with a gentle rounded toe and a slender heel. Calf high. There's a decorative buckle at the ankle, but it's simple. And my size. Right there, I have to try them on - when fate hits you over the head, you don't argue, right? I'm zipping it on over my pants leg, so it wasn't a precise science, but --

They won't win prizes. They're pleather, or whatever they're calling the fake stuff these days, and the zipper is a little more obvious than I prefer. But the fake stuff stretches that little bit, and it just *hugs* my leg. They aren't perfect, but they are very, very close. I have little to wear them with, and I don't care. They cost well under the $50 limit I arbitrarily set for myself some time ago as a reasonable limit. I bought them, and I'm already very happy. Now to collect the skirt and sweater that are supposed to go with this image I want/have to recreate.

I never found the nut store. I just grabbed a candy bar from the vending machine. I think I might start purring. 's'all good.

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