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Hmm. I'm looking at my journal and realizing that it's been a spell. I have about a half-dozen 'entries' that either sit malformed on the PDA or buried in the morass of my brain. It's that wierd switch between thinking something and actually *writing it down* - I just haven't gotten to step two. A lot of bad timing, a lot of too lazy. A couple pseudo-entries that reveal too much of myself *to* myself, but that's not specifically a problem - those at least are partially written, so I can't escape the momentary reality of the thoughts. The whole deal is so transitory, though, and the emotions so of-the-moment that to go back and finish the entries for posting seems artificial and hypocritical, or at least counterproductive. Assigning too much importance to the whole thing? Heck-yeah. Doesn't invalidate the thought, though. Some rearranging of links and access points may be in order; I cause myself enough grief without getting cranky about not posting in a journal, for haven's sake :)

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