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Oy. I need to get drunk more often (well, *ever*, really) so I can get used to this whole 'recovering from the weekend' thing. Not that I *did* get drunk, but frankly it might have been a better choice and a shorter recovery. Definitely shorter recovery. On the plus side, I won my first ever rapier tournament. Small number of participants but skilled, so I'll take that as an even break. No double kills, which is a major plus, but lost a couple limbs - none intentionally "traded" for a win, which is good, but I have to work on the whole 'losing body parts' thing. Bad idea for a martial tradition, if only because (to me) battle is always at least one step worse than practice. Even if you are perfect and untouched in practice you will probably be injured in some fashion in a real knock-down, drag-out fight. If in practice you die a lot, don't even *look* at the battlefield. I'm somewhere in the middle now, which is okay so long as I slide to the uninjured side eventually. Rough distillation from what Sensei told us, but I don't see why it wouldn't hold true to the WMA as well as the Eastern traditions.

On the other hand, I am the absolute poster child for balanced and well-timed caloric intake. Nothing quite like your body standing on the field while your brain has totally taken a powder break. In front of your teacher and everyone you respect. Ugh. The only saving grace is that Adrian knows I get hypoglycemic-spacey, even if he doesn't recognize *when* I'm doing it (after all, he does too), and once I'd nearly bit Kevin's nose off for getting in my face I think he also got the clue - the granola bars hadn't fully kicked in yet, s'all I can say. I mean really! He should have known I wouldn't just *stand* there if something wasn't screwy -- but maybe it's as hard to recognize from the outside as it is when you're in the middle of it. After all, I didn't grasp the problem until my legs nearly collapsed on my way off the field. Stupid stupid stupid... So I think I'm still paying for the wierd cycle of fasting/feasting with a bit of allergy/weather shift on the side. Not a happy kitty.

My competitive side is incredibly ecstatic to have finally *won* something. And the rest of me can't figure out what the heck difference it all makes. Although maybe, if I'm really lucky, I can pack my strangely focused ego away and actually go fight tourney's for fun and practice instead of *having* to go prove something. It's a nice thought. *sigh* For now, though, I need to invest in throat lozenges and vitamins... Yay season shift :/

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