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Ugh. Bristol blew chunkage Sunday - I think things are still drying out, and we'll have to see if my hunny's new gig bag can be water-profed. Guitars should NOT look like granny's antique table after you put down that sweaty wet glass. Poor guitar :( Only wierd bright spot was a crappy-ass Pig set (read: bar gig without the pay - or, thankfully, the cigarette smoke) that ended up kinda strangely hyper-fun as it rained on the dozen people silly enough to stick around, and Adrian and I with a single drum managed to keep them and ourselves entertained. I do NOT want a repeat of this performance!!! It *SUCKED*!!! Yargh!

Right, done now. All better.

Why do I have this horrid feeling that this weekend is going to be every bit as hideous? *sigh* Ugh in advance.

I need a PDA strictly for writing. Time to eBay hunt, cuz I'm che-eap! But at the same time I need to make sure I don't get someting worthless, clue-deprived as I am. Eh, there's enough stuff out there, I'm sure I'll find somethign reasonable. It'd be nice not to have to retype everything. And I still have to sew-sew-sew. Grommets, buttons, shirts and pants for the legally dressed Rennie. Too much to do, never inspired at the right time to do it. Meh :/

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