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This is really about 2 weeks old now, but it's all still so true. And saves me coming up with anything else to say ;)

Adrian and I just had a wonderful week in Vegas. Did a *lot* less gambling than intended (I'm counting that money as winnings :D ) and a lot more sight seeing. And a whole lot of walking - I don't think my feet are going to talk to me for days! But the hotels have put so much work into making their places special, it's like a grown-up Disneyland. You literally can spend days just admiring all the different architecture and decoration, not to mention the free 'shows', like the water volcano at Mirage or the dancing water spouts at Bellagio. There's no way to adequately describe it here.

To take a break from all the glitter and lights, we went horseback riding mid week out near Red Rock Canyon, in one of the nature preserve areas. My first time on a horse! And it was spent scrambling up and down rocky hills (!!!) and getting a spectacular view of the sun setting over the Spring Mountains, followed by a cowboy cooked meal of steak and all the fixin's and an evening bonfire. There were four of us that stayed for the cookout, along with two of the cowboys, and it turned out most of us were musicians of one sort or another so we actually traded songs for a while. It was a really fantastic way to spend the day. I've been missing mountains for a while anyway, and the Spring range is about the size, if a lot dryer and sharper-looking, than the Catskills. One of the guides was originally from Rochester by way of Buffalo, so that was kind of neat (Jesslin says: I grew up in New York (state) along the Hudson River. Rochester and Buffalo weren't real close, but I still consider them 'home') . Our other major event for the week was seeing a Cirque du Soleil show, Mystere. That was Adrian's first, but I've gotten to see a couple other shows of theirs. It's impossible to describe how wonderful and *fun* it is to see. All I can say is, if you enjoy flashy but solid circus acts, great costumes, and clowning that's funny but sophisticated (no Bozos here), Cirque is actually worth their price tag. We're already planning on a return trip so we can see one of the other resident shows - Cirque has four permanent shows in Vegas, although one is a risque theme we'll probably skip. There really is a lot to see, and a week just isn't enough.

It was a fun but tiring week, and we're glad to be home. Once we have our photos sorted out we can show you some of what I'm talking about. It may take a while, though, as we have other things on our plates to do.

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