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More wierd dreams. Modern day, people I know, me as Me (now *that's* wierd) somewhere in Japan. A missile attack on a martial arts school to cover up a kidnapping. A couple of us figure out who's missing and take it on ourselves to go find them -- well, that was my fault, really. As always happens in these plot-rending moments, the rescue attempt has gone horribly awry. I've found our missing instructors, at the cost of a vicious electrocution and getting dumped in the next cell over. The bad guys think I'm just an idiot hiker. I like that they think that. Now if I could just feel my legs again we might be able to work with this...

This one's still processing, actually -- I think there's a corner of my brain still churning away at the thing, dumping lucid dream moments into the rest of my reality. Somone's just cut power to this little detention center. It's time to pull out some 'toys' I brought along so we can assay our escape... No idea where this is going, actually. Guess I better get beck to mindless work so the backbrain can do whatever it does :D

Makes for a very surreal day. My brain is a squishy Choose Your Own Adventure book, but I think it's missing pages :/

Additional: Yes, it did finish up by the end of the day. Proper application of small explosives (I didn't build 'em, I just brought 'em) and the reapportioning of firearms (I hate using #3 grabbed-from-behind, but it worked) makes a good start. Paying attention on the way in so you can retrace your steps easily and having a rear guard are also good choices. Once the exciting part was over I stopped paying attention, so I assume the rest of it worked out.

No anima were harmed in the making of this dream. Any resemblance to persons alive or dead is purely freakish and can *not* be used in a court of public opinion. Stay tuned for the next wacky 'what was I thinking?!' installment :)

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