Jesslin She'Nedra (jesslin) wrote,
Jesslin She'Nedra

A steamrolling ride of silly almost nostalgia - can you really be nostalgic for somethign that isn't really your time? Thanks to Rowan I've had Renaissance (the band, not the era) rattling in my head. Not any of the songs on the CD, of course, but other songs I remember, thus proving that my idea of good music just doesn't match the rest of the universe. Go fig. One Barnes & Noble gift card later (Thanks Mom!!) and I'm cruising.
Little did I realize that the music of my teenage years had been produced when I was roughly 3. *sigh* I always have been behind the times. Still... This was music given to me by some of my dad's friends when we were hanging out playing AD&D. I was - 15? Ish? Probably younger. I don't even think my dad was in the group with us; he had a different Friday game. It's a strange moment looking back and realizing that my teenage years were spent hanging out with guys who were at least 8-10 years older than me, that my dad was comfortable leaving me !alone! with these guys, and I was cheerfully picking up mass culture from them. More, really, that they honestly enjoyed having me around. I never actually thought about it before, it was just so -- normal. They weren't old fogies, I wasn't an annoying brat. Much ;)

Maybe it's not that I'm 10 years behind the times. Maybe it's more that I was 10 years older than the body I was wearing. Not so much, now. But at the time it seems to have worked out. And in a couple days I'll have another handful of remembrance. I'm not trying to be a kid again. I feel that I'm just trying to reconnect with what made me the kind of person I was then, and reintroduce some of the good bits. That's not necessarily a bad thing, now.

And the music is still cool ;D

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