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Oh joy! Oh Rapture!! Oh...Crap! I wanted the *other* CDs first!! Ah well... I shall view this as working my way back into the vocal indulgence that is Renaissance. man, is some of it schlocky :) Good fun, though, although it took me a moment to understand why I couldn't hear it - my stupid headphones have dropped a connection somewhere (Grrrr) and I'm torn between buying new and cheaping out by fixing these - if I even can. Of course, tinkering with cheap electronics is always a good choice in my book. It's not like I can make it worse ;) Meanwhile, traveling earbuds to the rescue!!

Yes, I'm babbling. Why do you ask?

I know a bunch of people are annoyed no end by the johari/nohari thangs. For me, it's not so much finding out how others view me so much as finding which people view me which way. I have 3-4 different arenas I interact in, and there's definitely a correlation between where a person knows me and how they perceive me. So HAH!, I have turned the test on its ear and am now testing *you*! Bwah hah hah, and all that. :)

"Confusion and a nasty trick of fate
may be the break.
Don't find yourself too late."

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