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Random randomness

Okay, *I'm* getting tired of looking at my last entry...

Mint mocha from Starbucks makes me hyper, especially on a blue jeans Friday. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does make working a little difficult. Cube walls are not sturdy enough to actually bounce off of.

I've been sleeping so strangely recently. It's like I can't stay deeply asleep - I'm not sure if I don't *need* as much sleep, or if my hyperactive brain is kicking me out early or what. I don't feel particularly tired in the morning, so I guess that's the important bit. I'm getting more wierd warped dreams that I can actually remember, which is freakish but cool, but it also means I can't possibly be getting deep enough to hit the time pool. I kinda miss my premonition dreams. Not that they ever did any good, but knowing you've seen the future is almost self-affirming at times. You know, like you couldn't see the future if it wasn't going to exist, so the world (and you, presumably) gets to go on a little longer.

Instead I get futuristic cityscapes populated by people I mostly recognize, but the man I love is trapped on the other side of the transportational matrix while I must venture forth and slay the ickiest C'thulian-inspired monsters in a veritable adventure game of insanity. The slime/sewage monsters really were too much, and if they ever show up again I'm nuking my own brain stem.

This may also be my mind's revenge for having watched "Oblivian" on Svengoolie a couple weeks back. Scariest moment in an otherwise hilariously aweful movie: "To Be Continued". AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

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