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I have books recommended by the best storyteller I've ever known.

I had lunch with the other half of my work sanity.

I got 2 DVD sets, a CD and fun goofyness to finish my Weiss Kreuz fetish - for the price I figured to pay for just the one DVD set.

I had a birthday shout-out where I never thought to expect one.

I have friends, and good acquaintances, and a partner who doesn't piss me off even when he annoys the crap out of me (don't even try to figure that one out; I sure haven't.)

Work bonuses were handed out.

And for the first time in forever I am consciously glad that I'm *here* to have a birthday, and that I have some amazing people that I can share this existence with. It's not so much that I'm alive, or of any particular age; it's that this is the only time and place I could be in order to have these things that make my life - dare I say it - worth the effort.

I never thought I would be *actively* happy to be alive. It's a little scary.

Somehow, I think I'll manage :)

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