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Sheer silly

So there's this pair of ducks (mated, one assumes) that likes the fountain outside my workplace. Mind you, this is just outside of the Chicago Loop. But there they were all spring, and then they disappeared. Well, they came back a couple days ago. And I found myself succumbing to a strange habit I thought I'd broken when they left.

...I started 'quoting' the Swedish Chef - you know, from The Muppet Show? - and his recipe for pressed duck. "Frst yu fnd a dook. Here dook. Here dook dook dook." You get the idea. So there's a lovely pair of dooks that like to sit in the fountain. I figure I'm okay until I suddenly find I have, all unconsciously, brought an iron to work with me in order to press de dook. At which point the 'dook' gets to swipe the iron and drop it on my head, per the episode, so really I'm more afraid for myself than for the local semi-wildlife.

As I said to someone the other day, I think I have mice in my head. My brain's full of holes, my commentary is cheesy, and there's this wierd squeaking noise whenever I try to think...

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