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Ow. Just... Ow.

There was a time, many moons and 5+ years ago, when I could bounce into physical activity with narry a stretch or warmup to be seen and be right as rain the next day. I really can't say when that changed, but it's annoying the he-double-l outta me right now. It's all jealousy of my younger self. And in all honesty, it's probably as much due to me slacking off inthe activity department over the last couple years - my base fitness level is lower, so coming up to Hyperactive level is a farther distance than before. Grouse, grouse.

On the other hand, it's a good, tired, had-too-much-fun kind of pain. Okay, well, *my* kind of fun, anyway. ::does a little happy dance - stops and whines as muscles complain. Settles for a quick crappy Cabbage Patch-y thing:: Ow. Grrr... I love trying out all this cool western martial arts stuff. Meet new people, try a few new things, take a second look at stuff i don't get, rap with other people about the stuff we're all trying to figure out... it's great!! Got to be Adrian's teaching dummy for his English bare-knuckle class, always cool to be useful, and totally made him look good (if I do say so myself ;D ). It helps that we weren't covering much material, and that most of the 'grips' are just slightly less poetic versions of basic ju-jitsu stuff. As they say, there's only so many ways the human body moves - or in this case, beraks :D Still dislike German longsword - just doesn't sit right in my head -, still don't like knife fighting - it's too short to block with and too small to keep the other guy at a distance, although I admit it does have it's uses -, but learned some fun new stick wrestling and English martial arts stuff. Now to find peopel to try it all out on -- I mean, with. Heh. ::Steeples fingers a la Mr Burns:: ..Excellent..

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