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It was a great weekend. Reconnected with a bunch of friends, met some new ones, kept my mind on business, put out some kick-ass energy (if'n I do say so myself) and had a damn fine time putting on some good shows. I'm drained -- *way* out of practice -- but hanging in there, and I deserve a good somethin' for lunch, right? Yeah, except brain-dead here went and left everything of real use in her faire pouch - you know, right where I dropped it last night cuz I was *oh* so sure I'd remember to grab it in the morning. *sigh!* Man, I really better not get hit by a truck on the way home, cuz they'll never ID my body. Can't afford to be late, either - I scraped every last penny of spare change from my desk (including my origami cat :( At least I kept his whiskers...) for a halfway decent lunch and I haven't got a dime for the phone if crap happens. Oh well *laughing* IF that's the worst that Monday can throw me, I think I'll hang on. Day ain't done, but I have a passing good feeling that it'll work out. (And apparently I need to stop reading fakey Ozark dialect before typing; I'm hearing my post with a W Virginia twang...)

...And Folk Alley is playing 'Captain Ward', and I'm getting ideas on how to get it better over the season. Oy. Here's to a non-sucky summer. I don't know what'll happen next year, so I really want to enjoy this one for all its worth.

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