Jesslin She'Nedra (jesslin) wrote,
Jesslin She'Nedra

This was posted on UserFriendly, and it's the sort of silliness that totally makes me smile and is *so* very me, so...

You enter a line of text and this app sends it through 5 random languages and English on Babelfish to see what the translations do. This is my first one, and I didn't even turn on the kanji languages. Hee!!

Original English Text:there once was a maiden and lovely was she

Translated to French:il y avait par le passé un premier et belle était elle

Translated back to English:there was in the past a first and beautiful was it

Translated to German:es gab in der Vergangenheit erste und war es schön

Translated back to English:there was it beautiful in the past first and was

Translated to Italian:ci era esso bello nel primo passato ed era

Translated back to English:there was beautiful it in the first past and was

Translated to Portuguese:havia bonito ele no primeiro passado e estava

Translated back to English:it had pretty passed it in the first one and was

Translated to Spanish:lo había pasado bastante en primer y era

Translated back to English:it had passed it in first and it was enough

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