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What a mixed balance weekend. Saturday was dicey weather-wise, but we had great audiences. At night was Good Guy/Bad Guy Volleyball, which was my chance to see the cast zaniness I was feeling deprived of. I was high on badly-arranged pep band music (never woulda thought *that* would happen when I was in high school!). Or maybe I was high from lack of oxygen; it's been a clear 15 years since I played clarinet, and the control - and #5 reeds - are flat gone. Oh, and I got called 'cute' by the pretty dancer girl (Yasmina?). "Hello, Pot, it's Kettle", says me, but then I was doing my best impression of punk-skater-rennie - all black 'cept the open tie-die shirt and the backwards baseball cap (the brim got in my playing light, so I had to turn it). If nothing else, I amused myself.

Sunday we found out Adrian's mom was in hospital for tests, had great weather but spotty audience quality, and got an unhappy announcement from QE. Emotionally stressful and a day best forgotten in whole and remembered in pieces. It didn't all suck, but the sucky bits were a bit dramatic compared to the simpler good parts - talking to friends, the sets that did work, stuff like that. And realizing to some extent that Faire has done what the SCA tries to do - 'you rule because they believe' has been engraved into more than one crown in the SCA universe, and it's supposed to show that we're all equals, modern people, and that it's all a game (so don't pimp the rules). At Faire, it's a little different. To a large extent they rule because it's in the character description, but there's a point where the respect you have for the person overshadows the roles you're each playing. At that point a certain reality creeps in, and they aren't just playing, they are, and you're giving them respect not just because you are supposed to, but because of the true feelings you have. It certainly makes it easier to do your job, I think. Just a cool, passing thought I had.

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