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Last night was Young Riders with Metylda. Pseudo-western of (often) over-dramatic proportions based on the Pony Express and introducing several well-known western characters as they might have been in their youth (hah!)in a very not-a-chance way (Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickock). Enough late-80's race and gender equality dealings to make it not a total waste of time. And, of course, the horses :D I think half the fun of the show is knowing how silly it can be, and yet enjoying the ride.

Note: In a western, you can always tell the good guys, because they're not riding the butt-boring brown horses all the time. What, was there a sale on the things?!

Todady I have a hankering for a cappella, which means fighting with my old Walkman and Mosaic Whispers tape, looking up the a cappella "Dark Side of the Moon" CD, and trying to find a new copy of "On the Rocks" by The Pikers, which is the group Krivitsky played for me lo! those many ren faire seasons ago that made me realize that not all college a cappella was lame. Okay, I knew it wasn't, but these guys had a great sound and some killer-clean arrangements that had me seriously drooling. For some reason mixed-voice groups never sound quite as good to me, which I find highly irritating. maybe I just have to look (listen) harder. One of the reasons I wish Tourdion had a third member - I would kill for some serious vocal treatments on the folk stuff we do - my harmony-junkiness aside, it would really be a Good Thing!

*sigh* Anyone have a bass/baritone for sale? We'd feed him!
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