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So many posts, so little time... Which is to say, I've has a million things in the last month that I thought I *should* post -- and not a thing has made it out of the brain and into the fingers. Oy. Forget the flying car, I'm going to start bucking for the psychic computer. That way I can just *think* about what I need to post, or search for, or whatever, and the information won't have to wait for my three-second attention span, random access brain to get around to remembering just what the idea ever Ooh Shiny!!! Of course, that's the point in the movie where the computer picks up on my subconscioius thoughts and goes around finding ways to short circuit and sabotage all the people I hate, even for the briefest moment, until it ultimately kills me as I realize what's been happening and fall into a black self-loathing. Hack hack wheeze oof Ack *** XP (that's a dead face with a tongue, not an endorsement of any Windows product in particular :P ) *sigh* I'm always so much wittier in my own head...

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