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Oy, the speed with which life passes while I blink. It's one of the few times I regret being a very 'in the Now' body, when I look up and realize I accomplished nothing I meant to in a week. *sigh* I'm almost resigned to it, although it does bug me on occasion.

Got Voltron 2, BoP 1/2 & 11, finally found the BoP/Tundercats cross (Ye gads!) saw Pirates of the Caribbean, and all while playing hookie from work YeeHAH! Nothing like being a *bad* little girl and having fun to put a spark back in life. Hee! :D Need to find Nightwing #82, though; I was expecting my subscription to kick in and then forgot what isues I already had (Issues?! I got so many issues I'm a mental... Oh, never mind..) Have to think if I want to wrestle the uillean's to faire this weekend. There's not much point, that's one of the week's ignored tasks - seeing if I can play them yet. Marf.

Had some long diatribe on dreams and wishes and goals. Realized the person who might need to hear it isn't around this weekend. Then forgot the rant. *sigh* Probably for the best. I can overanalyze the silliest things, and really I know I'm the only one listening, or more importantly the only one with a prayer of understanding. Im' so deep I drown myself. What's a girl to do? Meow, meooooow meow meow, meow. Meow!

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