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I was going to start Keeping a dress diary, as some do, just in order to record some of the goofiness I knew I was going to suffer, share the laughs, etc. then I realized taking pictures & writing descriptions was going to seriously cut into my sewing time. So much for that brilliant idea.

this latest project took far longer and was more trouble than it ever should have. much of if was due to either poor communication or willful misunderstanding, probably on my part. Stupid pants.

why does a it only take me from Chicago to Prospect heights to mock up, cut, and hand sew an entire hat, but 2 days to construct a simple vest using a sewing machine?

I will be very happy to stop being a costumer and become a musician this weekend. If our clothes are crap to a reenactor, fine, but the music is ours and I know how to be comfortable there. (And no, that isn't supposed to make any particular sense. ) I don't much care what I'm wearing so long as I get to share music.

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