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Ten Song Meme

List 10 songs that begin with the letter given to you and explain why you picked them. Leave a Comment and I’ll give you a letter to use for your list. 

so_zanie gave me G. It turned out to be surprisingly tricky, although the clever use of Google did help. And yet I can't help having this terrible feeling I missed something really cool... 

The Girls of the Night (Jekkyl and Hyde the Musical) my collection of soundtracks and musicals must be acknowledged. This is an obscure song from an obscure musical. Sung by husky altos, whom we know by the Laws of Stage must be secondary characters and/or whores. *shrug* I always did want to be in musicals. 

Going Home (Wayne Gratz) I've just loved this type of dreamlike piano since a friend and fellow D&D geek introduced me to ''new age" back in the 80's. It probably helps that I can almost play it myself on piano. 

Greenman (XTC) Adrian gave me my serious introduction to classic alternative rock. I don't know what else to call this stuff, but it's great! And this is one of the best of the bunch. 

General Wolfe (trad) England, Cecil Sharpe House. A bunch of crusty English sitting around, drinking beer and sharing music. Just wow. 

Gypsy Boys (David Francey) couldn't decide between this and Green Fields. I like Gypsy Boys better. Scotsman gone Canadian truck driver now singer / songwriter, singing about itinerant American workers in the wake of industrial collapse in the midwest. 

Glen Kabul-Trip to Pakistan-The Fourth Floor (old Blind Dogs) Only a small stretch, a tune set that has uillean pipes doing this slinky Asianesque tune that just wants to make you get your Kali on. It’s a beautiful thing 

Going Under (Evanescence) Modern emo. Sorry. In fact, the search for this song led me back to the whiny, angsty music path. I didn't realize until recently that I was emo-goth before they had a word for it. I got better... It’s still good for dancing, or vacuuming the house to. 

Gypsy (Moody Blues) - I grew up on the Moodies thanks to my dad, I pissed of my first college roommate by playing them (because, you know, they were *old*) - that's why the group. I spent my college life through my twenties as Gypsy, and there's still people who know me only as that. And the song is *Totally* cool, and descriptive of my life then. So it's a million kinds of good. 

Ghosts of Cape Horn (Gordon Lightfoot) An early heard creepy sea song. I'm sure it had no effect on me a'tall ;P 

Garden Song (John Denver, and/or Kermit the Frog) Mr. Denver is another cherished relic of childhood thanks to my dad. The song itself I learned from the Muppets. Outside of immediate family, Henson and Denver are the only people whose deaths I have mourned to the point of tears. So this song scores 11 points. Thus you get -- 

Bonus 11th song - Giant (Stan Rogers) there's really nothing more to say. It's Stan Rogers.
Several kinds of fun. It was odd actually thinking *about* the music I listen to for a change, instead of just throwing it on like a well-worn sweater and listening. It’s a good think.
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