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*big breath in*

*big breath out*

*big breath in*

*big breath in...*

*big breath i.....* *POP!!!!!*

Aahhhhhhhh. Much better! Happy-happy (no, I'm not being sarcastic. For a change.)

I've been hunting for cheapy PDAs on eBay for the past -what, 2 weeks? Always geting outbid at last minute, really annoying, but I just didn't want to pay hundreds of dollars for a cool toy to write in and take notes on. I'm still not sure it wasnt' some wierd scam cuz they all seemed to go for the same ending price, but whatever. On a lark, while I was sewing last night I threw on the laptop and popped into eBay. Yet again, outbid, but what the hey I plodded on.

Happy number one - I have no excuse, I saw myself type it in and didn't think anything of it, but I bid nearly double - $225 - what I had been. Not that the machine isn't worth that, it's just more than I'm interested in paying. The happy part is that my mistake won't end up costing me.

Happy number two - I won the damn thing anyway. Whoo hoo!!! My bids had crept up to $125 when I realized I wasn't going to get anything working for less. Nothing. Then I put in the bid from stupidville. I'd been thinking of upping my limit again, but not that much!! But the win came in at just under $150, which was to be the new maximum. Shweet!!! 'Paypal'ed it and hopefully it'll be here in the next week. Then I get to download the handwriting recognition program I want (Calligrapher) and we are Shmokin'!!

Happy number three - unrelated to the above, except very peripherally, it's a week til my best friend starts working right next to me. Whee HAH!!! It'll make discussing things like anime, stories and silly mutual friends MUCH easier. ::Happy snoopy dance!!::

Read a couple good books. Finally got "It Takes a Thief" (Mercedes Lackey) and one by Tanya Huff, both of which rocked. Thief rocked more, but only because it was back story on an already interesting character in a world I know better than I should. Now playing: "Protector of the Small", Tamora Pierce. Technically she's kids/young adult, but then so is Harry Potter. Good story, good writing, good character. 'Nuff for me.

Have to sew for Pennsic, remember cat food (or else become it), study for my SCA martialate test, see how screwed my character will be if we switch to D&D 3.5, swallow my terror of fancy fabric so I can make doublets for friends, find Nightwing 82, start exercising at least 2x a week again (I'm paying after all), love, be loved, accept things that go well in life, accept that sometimes crap happens, realize the sun *will* rise again, and be happy for what is without fretting overmuch about what isn't. And cat food. Did I mention cat food?
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