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More strangeness in my brain.  I'm already annoyed at work, and now I get to listen to the twit-er chorus of the local office women yarping about nutrition and sodium and the flavor drink that will miraculously give you glowign good skin like all those Brazilian women (because you know you've never seen a Brazilian with bad skin o.O  ).  Followed by the chorus of near illiterate computer whining, which shouldn't surprise me as they're an older bunch who haven't a technological bone in their coconut-milk-and-oatmeal fed bodies.  Fricken' Oy!!  If they spent half the time actually paying attention to how food is produced these modern days as they do talking about it, they'd be amazingly well informed, and less prone to fallign for the next fad food.  And the extra time could be spent taking notes on how to actually use their email accounts :/  *sigh*  And really, it doesn't bother me so much, except now and again when their semi-ignorance bumps against my cynical knowitallness and my intollerance for stupidity.  

The balancing act, as always, is time flying by at the speed of Huh?  It's May, we're hitting another 'wait, why am I here, again?' marker in the year, which is pushing half over.  My job's morphing badly, the department's getting ready to move halfway up teh building, I'm getting nothing done in the sewing room or the fencing salle despite the best of intentions...  Best laid plans of mice and men - and a buck forty - gets you a cup of coffee.  How 'bout that? ::rolls eyes::  I've got no followthrough on anything, and I'm losing track of what's suffering from boredom versus what's stalling for fear of change, complicated by the Ooh! Shiny!! factor.  Focus this, Grasshopper.  Meh.  Gonna go crawl into a mental hole and shake fist at the sky.  Fortunately I know this is mostly me baskign in bitterness, knowing that the proper salve for my wounds is easily found in the MP3 player.  When in doubt, make the hamster in your brain bang its head into the wall til it falls down.  

stupid hamster

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